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Hi! I write porn! Incredibly lewd porn, featuring plenty of transformation into various things and substances, loads of hypnosis and mind control, and a generous topping of tons of other fetishes!

My name is Anna Harren, but I usually go by oannablue in lewd circles. I'm a disabled trans girl, who is also a cute pink bird whenever possible. Because of that, LGBTQ-etc stuff usually just ends up slipping into my work!

A large amount of the stories in this anthology are already available as pdfs on my FurAffinity, but this is the only place you're going to find such a polished collection of it available in mobi, epub, and pdf!

Note that a few of the fetishes included in this may be uncomfortable to some. Themes of permanence, mind control, gender transformation, an dub-con are common. I take the point of view that all of these things are fine as long as they remain in fiction.

The stories contained in this anthology are:

  • The Doll Exposé: Living latex TF into Trixie
  • Refill Required: A window into the life of a Drone
  • Realistic Doll: The world being rewritten around you until you're a sex doll
  • A Gift: Bondage, hypnosis, and latex TF
  • Tiberius.md: Dominant latex TF
  • You Suck: Experiencing an awkward hypnotic trigger
  • The Golden Statues: The point of view of a TF trigger
  • Changes Within: A story that affects you
  • Latex Mistress: Evil living latex puddles
  • Backfired: A domme turned bimbo
  • Squeakymilk: Subtle hypnosis, cow pooltoy TF, and milking
  • One of Many: Cloning and inanimate TF
  • Bubblegum: A TF quite tasty
  • Need: Your life as a bimbo
  • Bar Girl: Some very unusual bodily fluids
  • Dakimakura: TF into a body pillow
  • Khloe's Lovely Phallic Fate: Cock TF and cuddling
  • Fuck-Bitch: High-tech hypnotic fursuits
  • Egg-laying: Pretty self-descriptive!
  • Debt Collection: Drone TF from the inside out
  • Headphones: Mind Rewriting
  • Like Putty in Her Hands: TGTF
  • Gummed up: Sticky cum
  • Ghosts and Girlybois: Sexuality-play and ghostfucks
  • Yes: Mind control collars
  • Toyful: Orifices made more fuckable
  • Sleep Fuck: Unconscious sex
  • Sex Doll's Glass Prison: Encasement and latex TF
  • Synthetic Enthusiast: Sex Doll TF
  • Latex Panda: Second-person latex TF
  • Birthday Cake: Tentacles and forcefeeding

33k words in total!

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AuthorAnna Harren
TagsLewd, NSFW, Porn
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