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Another year, another anthology of lewd smut from yours truly! The stuff in here is a must-have for anyone who enjoyed last year's collection, as it's essentially the same stuff, except there's THREE TIMES more of it! Wow! Big number! Want to know an even bigger number? 110 thousand. That's the number of words of smut in this anthology. I think you'll understand why it's twice as expensive, but I hope you'll agree that the price is worth it!

Once again, this whole thing's a huge collection of different fetishes, mostly related to transformation in some way or another! Last year I had a nice long list of the stories within and what they contained, but this year there's just so much that I'd be here forever if I tried to make a table of contents! Instead, what you get is a wall of story titles. Some of them are a little more subtle as to what they entail, but some end up being painfully obvious. Let it be known that if any of these spike your interest, you're in for a fun ride!

The stories contained within are: Nothing Ventured, Bimbo Skunktoy Into The Hive, Hypnopup, Unwitting Decoy, Spontaneously Gravid, Coffeeshop Latex, Gigglegas, Slimenom, A Clothing Vacation, Demootion, Tricking A Genie, Identiful, Bathbombs, Beep, Wing arms, High Alcohol Content, To Keep You Company, The Trans Agenda, Dealing With A Thief, Shyly Toyed, Confidence Boost, Polishing to Perfection, Flamingoo, Revengery, Latex Spider, Tom's Birthday, Casual Girling, Labyrinthian, Paraboobs, Poled, Bodyswap with Goodra, Obligatory Easter Story, Secret Night-life, Heathertits, Desired Assignment, Just Fuck Ookami Up, Coming Out, Boobox, Cock-Sucky Bee Virus, A Needy Velu, Goobirds, and 34 more contained in the B-sides!

A whole lot of work went into this year's collection of smut, and I certainly hope you enjoy what you read!

~ Anna Harren <3

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AuthorAnna Harren
Tagsanthology, Erotic


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i didn't download the game yet but the coments feel like it's a robot doing it....idk, it is just a feeling that i got

Sooo many amazing stories to read! This is a great collection of vivid, creative and very lewd stories. If you like to spark your deep dark mature imagination this is a collection for you "In which I love" Give it a read you will not be disappointed!