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Chances are that if you're here you're already pretty familiar with my work, but just in case you aren't, hi! I'm Anna, I'm a trans girl, and I write incredibly lewd smut for money! I stumble around the internet in the form of a pink bird who gets into all sorts of fun situations, and very much enjoy sharing those situations with others! In short, I write porn!

Contained  within this anthology of erotica is a half-year's worth of writing from yours truly, ranging from commission work to stuff I've kept private until now! Sadly, half my year was me being busy with stuff less fun than smut, but even despite that, this is still a whopping 70 pages and 33k words! For reference, Anthology 1 was around 30k words, so yeah, I managed to write more than I ever have before in just 6 months. Exciting!

The themes of my writing vary a lot, but there's one hefty element that permeates throughout pretty much everything I do: Transformation. What kinds of transformation? Pretty much all of them! In this anthology alone, there's latex TF, bimbo TF, animalistic TF, gender TF, naga TF, drone TF, rena TF, plush TF, robot TF, plant TF, and the list just goes on and on! Essentially, if you're a fan of transformation as a kink, you're going to like what I have in store for you. Other prominent fetishes include mind control, personality rewriting, bimbofication, breeding, exhibition, and more!

In total there are 18 stories contained within this anthology. I'd recommend that you just dive right in, but listed below are the details on all of them, just in case you needed more encouragement to give me your money!

  • Girlpaint
    Interesting stuff happens when frat bros get a hold of almost-magical pink goop that turns dudes into girls! 
  • Self Portrait
    Sometimes a free painting is too good to be true, especially when that painting ends up being you!
  • Kobot
    A wholesome robotization experience, featuring the first of two nonbinary kobolds in this anthology!
  • Beg The Queen
    A tale of intergalactic parasites that just so happen to enjoy their fair share of planetary dronification, and what happens when they're a little more patient.
  • Under Her Will
    Not all people become supervillains the moment they get the ability to control the minds of anyone they meet. Here, one of those people basically becomes a therapist! A very lewd therapist.
  • Were-Boar
    D&D shenanigans always end in fun, right? Especially when you end up stuck as a breeding pet for the rest of your life!
  • Deep Cover
    High tech field operatives sometimes get into quite a bit of trouble, and bailing them out of it sometimes involves bimbofication, because why wouldn't it?
  • Rubber Boot Dronification
    Somehow, I don't think I need to go into any more detail here.
  • Nagasacked
    Time-jumping reality hopping self-insert fun! Who wouldn't want to end up an obedient naga pet, anyway?
  • Spiced Up Night Life
    The result of some self-indulgent smut writing, I'd probably get into some legal trouble if I mentioned what this entailed!
  • King's Breeder
    Waking up as a girl when you weren't one previously is definitely startling, but I'd say finding out you're in some alternate universe would be even more so. Discovering that you're going to be bred by a half-dragon can't be fun either.
  • Strange Flower
    More space parasites showing off their ability to completely take over their hosts consciousnesses! Fun!
  • Successful Conversion
    Everyone loves a nice detailed look at the mind control and physical transformations involved in a perfect dronification, right?
  • Ivy's Pet
    Whoops, more copyrighted characters. I sure hope I don't get in trouble for using her to transform dragons into pets! At least it's in character for her.
  • Nyalarel
    A whole bunch of fun stuff happening in a cheesy superhero universe. Goo girls make for good supervillains.
  • Rena's Birthday Gift
    A very targeted gift, but also a very enjoyable reading experience by anyone!
  • Study Buddy
    Some teachers really do deserve to be put in their place, don't they? Especially when that place happens to be the form of an embarrassing plush.
  • Dehumiliation
    Adventures in submission, bondage, and a magical spell that makes everything its target does seem entirely normal to anyone who sees them!

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